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Yellow board, will update pictures soon

Allows a Team BlackSheep Unify Pro HV/RACE and FrSky D4R or X4R-SB to be mounted on a board for a low profile and clean stacking solution.  The pads around the Unify are meant to hard mount the video transmitter to the board.  Once the Unify is mounted, you can either use the plug that comes with the Unify or directly solder the wires to the pads.  The button extension can also be used with this by connecting one of the pads of the button to the board.  From there, you can use the button extension with the Riptide LED Back Plate.  

The FrSky receivers do not have to be used with this board.  Spektrum, Futaba, etc receivers can work.  You can connect the receiver directly to the flight controller (ignore the receiver portion on the board) or connect the receiver to one of the header pins on the Unify Mounting Board and use the pads as intended.  The solder bridge pads will still have to be used to select which headers you will be using.  


  • TBS Unify Pro Video Transmitters
  • FrSky D4R-II, X4R-SB
  • Can also work with Spektrum, Futaba, or any other receiver

    Check this video out from Joshua Bardwell

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