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RunCam Split


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There have been cases where the Split BEC is overpowering the USB and burning it.
We HIGHLY recommend, at least for this first batch, to download your video via the sd card manually or using the wifi module. 
Do not plug your Split to the USB until a further notice from Runcam!
Below is a quick temporary solution from our friend Jason Richards if you still want to use the USB. USB 3.0 (From Computer) can handle 900MAH and should be fine, USB 2.0 can only handle 500MAH and will not be able to keep up with the current draw if the split is powering other items from the pdb. Please read Below.
These PDBs have Back current protection and will not energize the 5v rail by the usb cable. However always unplug battery from quad before inserting USB cable into split.

RunCam Split

Are Here!!

Split RunCam 3 for FPV

HD/FPV camera

1080p/60fps HD recording and WDR FPV Cam
Exetremely Light Weight
Low Latency
Real-time audio output

File Protection feature

It can save the recorded file if the camera loses power.

RunCam Split
  • Modular design

  • Optional WIFI module
  • Replaceable Lens
  • Manual focus supported
  • Two Customized Lens Extension Cables (90mm and 180mm)
RunCam SplitRunCam Split
RunCam SplitRunCam Split


  • RunCam Split

    Live preview

  • RunCam Split

    Video playback

  • RunCam Split

    Camera parameters setting

  • RunCam Split


 Instruction diagram

RunCam Split

 Module connection diagram

RunCam Split

 Replaceable Lens

RunCam Split

 Unit of length: mm

RunCam SplitRunCam Split
FOV Angle of Field FPV FOV 130° / Recording FOV 165°
Video Resolution 1080@60fps / 1080@30fps / 720@60fps
Video Files MOV
Image Resolution 2 Megapixels
TV Output NTSC / PAL Switchable
Real-Time Audio Output Yes
Interface Micro USB / UART
Max Micro SD Card Supported 64G(need Class 6 or above, recommend Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II)
WiFi Module Support (Removable)
Dimensions PCB 36*38mm / Lens Module 22*20mm
Power Input DC 5V
Working Current 650 mAh


Specs for RunCam Split:

Included with RunCam Split:

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