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Team BlackSheep PowerCube - Multi Rotor Stack

Team BlackSheep PowerCube - Multi Rotor Stack

Team BlackSheep

  • $ 139.95

Quick Overview

An all-in-one power package for fpv racers between 180 and 330 size.


Stacked compact, a all-in-one power package for your fpv racer between 180 and 330 size. 2-6S capable, 20A unventilated, 30A continuous, 45A burst ESCs provide ample juice. The Colibri RACE is a F3 based flight controller with enough processing power and memory to achieve low looptimes. The ESCs are TBS designs based on our BULLETPROOF technology, running the most common firmware BLHeli and SimonK as well.

The TBS POWERCUBE combines knowledge and experience from over 2 years of research. It is the new standard for performance, reliability, ease-of use and cost in race machines. Main highlights include


  • All-in-one, solder-free system for race quads. Comes with - or plugs into - everything you need.
  • Optimized for centralized weight distribution
  • STM32F3-based FC, faster and more memory
  • Most reliable ESC in the industry
  • BLHeli 14.1, SimonK compatible
  • Patented power distribution
  • Clean, filtered power for fpv camera and video transmitter, selectable between 5V/12V and VBatt.



  • STM32 F3 Flight controller running Betaflight
  • Regulated and filtered power for Cam and VTx (5V/12V/VBatt switchable)
  • 20A continuous, 30A with airflow, 50A peak ESC (each)
  • 2-6S capable
  • Power distribution: 120A continuous
  • Current Sensor: 100A sense, 250A peak throughput
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 70g incl. PDB, wires & connectors



  • TBS POWERCUBE stack with Flight Control, 4x ESCs, PDB
  • Terminating plastic shoe to isolate the TBS PowerCube from carbon fiber frames
  • Cables for FPV Camera and video transmitter
  • LED pigtail cable

Specs for Team BlackSheep PowerCube - Multi Rotor Stack:

Included with Team BlackSheep PowerCube - Multi Rotor Stack:

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