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• Electrical VTX Kill switch - power on and off your vtx via a switch on your radio!
• Physical VTX Kill switch - never worry about powering up your quad while others are flying again! Just move the physical switch to the off position, and your VTX will not power on
• Ultra clean mounting for TBS Unify VTXs, TBS Crossfire Nano RXs, and Frsky XM RXs
• JST SH 9-pin connector and high-quality silicone cable for easy replacement and installation
• Solder pads for those who don't like connectors
• Vibration Dampening “gummies” to make your electronics last longer - The most common failure for FPV electronics is vibrations and stress in crashes, and gummies significantly reduce both of those! 
• Convenient solder pads for the camera - Sick of running camera wires across your quad to get all the connections you need? All the camera pads can now be found in one clean location!
• Ultra clean component mounting - sick of not having space for your components? The Assassin gives all your components a clean spot while keeping your stack as low as 22mm
* EXPERIMENTAL TBS “Smart Audio Lite” (Nano Unify Smart Audio) to standard Smart Audio converter

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