Hyperlite FlosStyle 5" Acro Freestyle Frame


  • $ 49.99




5” ~85g (will be ~87g in the future)

Diagonal: 238mm

Sideways: 159mm

Front to back: 177mm



~92g (will be ~99g in the future)

Diagonal: 273mm

Sideways: 183mm

Front to back: 201mm


  • ~85g built for 5”, ~92g for 6” and all built tough

  • Three 20x20 stack platforms side by side

  • Or one 30x30 with a 20x20 next to it

  • Arm screws have zero integration with any stacks

  • Stacks are completely independent from the core frame structure

  • Uses 5mm thick 6” and 7” arms from the Floss 2.1 as 5” and 6” arms respectively

  • Low and narrow top deck for managed CG and disk unloading

  • 8mm long screws included for motor mounting on the 5mm arms (16 quantity)

  • Top and bottom body plates are the same, lower brace is different

  • 27mm standoff spacing, micro cameras ONLY

  • 20mm build height

  • GoPro mount platform same as Flowride and Floss series

  • Battery on top recommended but can also be underneith

  • All 12.9 hardness steel bolts

  • Open structure allows for easy build and maintenance

  • Robust motor bumpers

Kit includes:


2x Floss 2.1 boomerang arms in 5mm

2x FlosStyle body plate (same for top and bottom)

1x Lower bracing strut for under the arms.

5x M3x20mm 12.9 hardness

18x M3x8mm 12.9 hardness

10x M3x6mm 12.9 hardness

6x M3 flanged aluminum locknut (Gun metal)

5x M3x15mm aluminum knurled standoff (Gun metal)

5x M3x20mm  aluminum knurled standoff (Gun metal)

2x M3x3mm nylon nut (Black)

1 x 3D printed FPV micro camera mount


16 of the 18 8mm screws are for your motors, the other two are for the bottom of the front standoffs if you choose to use the nylon nuts for extra camera wiggle room.

How the FlosStyle was born:

But first where the Floss 2.1 came from:


‘I’m going to get some 5mm thick Floss arms.  Andy keeps hitting everything at mach 5.’



‘The 5mm arms are gonna break the Floss main plate now that they’re stronger than the main plate.  If it doesn’t happen immediately, it’ll happen over a bunch of little crashes. It’ll end up being more work to move everything over to a new frame…’


Corey Y:

‘I know the Floss 2 arm wiggle isn’t an issue but it’s really annoying to deal with when I’m trying to figure out how to whoop these children on the track.  Can you please just connect the arms.’



‘Yeah I have them designed and ready to test but they’re a lot more expensive and I dunno if people would want to pay for them since I just got everyone used to the cheap $1.99 arms.  They’re also longer than the stock Floss arms so they might break easier regardless of any design compensation. I’ll get some for testing.’


….3 million years of evolution later, 4mm Floss 2.1 ‘boomerang’ arms were born…


Corey Y:

‘Bob these arms are incredible!  They’re more durable than the Floss arms for sure.  I haven’t broken one in weeks!’



‘Really?  How could that be?  I did make places wider to try and account for the longer arm but it’s really a much longer torque lever to magnify crash forces.’


Corey Y:

‘Oh no I finally broke an arm.’



‘This thing is already so darn light, lets try Sergios 5mm gedup.  We also need the durability for all the 6S stuff coming very soon.’


….3 million design tweaks later…


Team pilots with overweight 6S monsters:  ‘Holy moly this thing is strong!’

The Hyperlite Evo had similarly connected pairs of arms made from just 3mm carbon and they were unusually durable.  Somehow this escaped my mind for the next two years.

After three years of acro frame experimentation and a whole year of work tweaking and testing the Flowride, I was only partly satisfied with the design.  I still prefer a longer front to back dimension for easier fast flying management but the Flowride is already over my weight target.


By then I had a number of frames in production and it’s all being managed by the superhuman order packers at PiroflipRC.  So many parts, so many revisions, so much confusion between the shop, manufacturer and even myself….ENOUGH! I must force simplification into this operation or risk losing my mind!  This is when I set out to rethink and redesign everything and drastically reduce parts and overall product offerings. I started looking for ways to use the same parts across multiple frames and my designs started getting top and bottom body plates that are identical starting with the Tooth Fairy and sub 3” offering (not yet released).

When first designing the Floss, I had intended the arms to be so cheap that other designers couldn’t help but use them for their own designs.  Essentially giving the DIY community a useful component. Unfortunately this seldom happened. Fast forward to experimentation with the Floss 2.1 connected arms, I was still saddened that my cheap arms didn’t stimulate experimentation like I had hoped.  I wanted to show everyone what could be done with readily available parts.


Initial thought, ‘can I get a long enough fuselage between some 6” Floss 2.1 arms if I put 5” props on them?’  Took it a step further and gave it three 20x20 stack platforms side by side because I wanted to keep the frame as narrow and short as reasonably possible to save weight, improve durability and cut the drag profile.  Let's make it like the Tooth Fairy and keep it super simple with the same top and bottom plate. Estimated weight in CAD seems to be awful low but I need loads of hardware so just order some samples and see what’s up.


Carbon delivery a few weeks later:

OMG how on earth is this thing only 82g even with eight standoffs?!  These boomerang arms are magic! Sergio says, ‘wow that’s nice looking!  I think i’ll build one.’ ? like the second acro frame he’s ever actually built up.


Perfect, let's start with this frame I just whipped up out of nowhere and I’m almost done refining.


The final result is the most elegant design I’ve come up with yet.  It only adds two carbon parts to the Hyperlite frame ecosystem yet expands the line significantly, satisfies my acro frame performance and durability requirements and it even looks better.  Even the name is rightfully elegant as the FlosStyle since it’s using the Floss 2.1 arms and it all happened on a whim as a result of other development.


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