HyperLite Floss 2.1 Team Edition


  • $ 48.99
  • Save $ 10


This is the Floss 2.1 5" Race frame that our team been flying since early 2018 season.
We thought you will like it if we made it easier for you instead of picking the parts individually.

The already proven racing frame now comes with the beautiful Teal Blue Team Edition Canopy to match your sexy HyperLite Motors ;)

Package Includes:

2 x 5mm Boomerang Design Arms
1 x 3mm Bottom Plate
1 x 3D printed nylon canopy (Team Blue)
4 x M3x16 12.9 Screws
4 x M3x6 12.9 Screws
4 x 20mm Anodized stand off
4 x M3 Anodized Flanged Locknut
2 x 10mm Anodized Stand off
1 x Hyperlite Battery Strap

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