Evolution Fpv Teleporter Mosquito

Evolution FPV

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The Teleporter Mosquito  was design by Evolution Fpv as a high performance 3" racing frame with 4mm thick arms this frame can hit gates and keep on moving.




  • Frame Size: 123mm
  • Flight Stack Mounts:20×20 
  • Frame Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Base Material Thickness: 4mm
  • Camera Mount  Material Thickness: 2mm
  • Camera Size: Micro’s (19mm)
  • Arms Width: 6mm
  • Frame Type: True X, Z
  • Motor Compatibility: 14xx-16xx
  • Prop Compatibility: 2.5-3"
  • Frame Weight: 37g Dry


  • 1x Carbon Fiber Frame top
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Frame bottom
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Camera mount set
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Battery Adapter
  • 4x 28mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • 2x 20mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • 12x M3 10mm Steel Hex Screws

1x Expandable Braided Cable Sleeve (For Motor Wire)


Tip: With the Z frame design you do not need high PID's especially D, High D will cause the quad to act unpredictable.  You can start off around 10 on pitch, roll and 2 on yaw.

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