DYS F4 FC V2 with 3.3V pads


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DYS F4 PRO V2 flight control with high performance which is designed for FPV hobbyists. Not only combine PDB board together with flight control, but also integrated OSD, current meter, voltmeter and built-in high power BEC etc functions.

DYS F4 PRO V2 flight control can meet all the functions you need include FPV racer, aerobatic flight and aerial photograph.


Betaflight “DYS F4 PRO” firmware

STM32F405 master with higher refresh rate and more function ports

5V 3A BEC output

9V 1.2A BEC output

3.3V 0.3A BEC output

Compatible all split-type escs, connect with DYS 4-in-1 esc (F20A or F30A) with flexible flat cable

Support BF setting software to flash and debug OSD

Integrated current sensor to monitor the power consumption etc in real time

Use remote control to view flight control parameter through OSD

Support SAMRT AUDIO, adjust the VTX by OSD

Comes with heat resistance damping ball to upgrade the stability and operation

3-6s lipo input, integrated PDB, max withstand current 160A

Net weight 10.5g, exclude the cable

The refresh rate of PID and gyro up to 8K


l Whole size:L 38mmX W 38mm, hole distance30.5X30.5mm

l Six-layer PCB board and 3OZ copper to enhance the over-current and heat dissipation

l PDB board with reverse high voltage protection circuit     -MCU:STM32F405 GRT6    -IMU:MPU-6000    -OSD:AT7456E    -FLASH: 8M memory

- Current sensor:0-200A

- Added S5,S6 motor control signal (support 6 axis feature once firmware upgraded)

- Integrated reverse high voltage protection circuit

- Integrated circuit protection to USB port

- 3.3V LDO to power on internal circuit

- 9V BEC: 1.2A

- 5V BEC: 3A/ one-way output to avoid external interference

- When use with 4-in-1 esc, plug in the battery to supply the flight control instead of BEC.


  1. Connection

V+ V-:For esc power cable

S1-S6:For GND of the corresponding esc signal cable

BOOT:BOOT button  ( for firmware flash)

5V:3A output, can connect with VTX, receiver, lens etc 5V power device at the same time

9V:1.5A output, can connect with wide voltage device, such as 7-24V power VTX etc.3.3V:Power supply for DSMX etc 3.3V power device


Vout:Video output for VTX image signal cable

Vin:Video input for camera signal cable

LED:Programmable LED signal cable output

RX1:For sbus etc receiver

PPM:For PPM receiver signal pad

USart6 tx:Smart Audio set the VTX function( The VTX should support to use Smart Audio function)

BAT+/BAT-:Battery voltage

 Buzz-Buzz+:Wiring for buzzer 


3.Installation with DYS 4-in-1 esc (optional)

Connect DYS F20A or F30A with flexible flat cable, no need to solder


l Please mount the mini F4 with the 4-in-1 esc as pic shows. Be attention that do avoid damage the socket

While using with 4-in-1 esc

l Please solder the battery power cable with esc power cable, do not connect with battery

l The current meter will be no use when use with 4-in-1 esc

l With voltage detection for battery


Please be attention to below attentions, otherwise your flight control will work improperly or damage.

l Please be always attention for the polarity. Double check before power on.

l Please keep the power off while plug or pull or any connection.

l Do not short the 5V or battery port, otherwise the flight control will be burnt

l After finished assemble, please check carefully and clean the residual solder splash to avoid short the components.

l Please mount the damping ball on the flight control (Equipped with accessory bag).

l If connect with 4-in-1 esc, please ensure the installation connect properly. Please do not force to plug or pull.

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