• $ 67.00

Coming from the great minds behind EFAW, FlyRCNow and HypeTreyn, comes the Dragoon. A super stretch frame designed to take a beating, and then asks for more. Tired of paying top dollar for a frame that just doesn't feel right to you and can't handle race day? Well here enters the Dragoon. With its 5mm bottom plate and 3mm side plates, the Dragoon is a force of mythical nature. Inspired by popular frames like the Darko and Super Light, we took the best of FPV and wrapped it into an armored cage of unbridled fury. Think you have what it takes to control the Dragoon?

 6in is 250mm projected at 100g

5in is 222mm (5.2in prop clearance) projected at 93g 

End date for Preordering will be this Tuesday at 23:59 EST (9/19/17)

 Comes with:

  • Base Plate
  • 4 x Side Plates (2 different sizes for different height stacks)
  • Dragon Top Plate
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • Aluminum Motor Screws
  • Standoffs

Photo Credit: Marc Place

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