48CH 5.8G Switchable VTX 0.05-25-200-600mW PIT MODE


  • $ 12.99
  • Save $ 15



  • Pigtailed SMA/RP-SMA (Straight or 90) with IPEX connector
  • Anti-burn - If the antenna is disconnected from the transmitter while it is powered on the transmitter will not be damaged.
  • 48 Channels
  • 6 bands: A, B, E, F, Raceband, L
  • Switchable power 0.05 - 25 - 200mw (600MW activated by holding button for 5 seconds) 
  •  3-way slider switch 0.05 - 25 - 200mW, adjustable while transmitter is powered off.
  • **PIT MODE**
  • Transmitter can be switched on at 0.05mW by using the slider switch while powered off, used to stop interference with other users during group sessions.
  • 5V out from plug
  • Built in Microphone
  • Silicone wire cable

Note:  The Vtx comes Shrink wrapped from factory, you will have to cut shrink in order to plug in pigtgail and slide the power switch. You can remove it all together or take a sharp blade and modify it. 



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